Flexing My Web Muscles

turning business challenges into triumphs

Ninja's can't catch you nija if you're on Fire

Hello I'm Dennis

My new passion over the last couple of years has been obstacle course racing. I love it. I am challenged by it. From the training that has to be put in, to the surprise of the next obstacle around the corner, the challenge of figuring out the best way to conquer an obstacle, to crossing that finish line and grabbing that medal.

Obstacle Racing, is very similar to my other passion in life: Front End Web Design and Development.

Web Development requires you to put in some time and training. You need to constantly be training yourself to adopt new skill sets and to improve on the skills you already have. It also requires a solution oriented mindset. I am presented with challenges everyday with the need to find the best solution to that challenge to overcome it.

And the best part; just as in obstacle racing; is is new everyday. No course; or website; is exactly the same. Every obstacle is different and needs to be handled uniquely, while drawing on past experience.

If you can Dodge a wrench you can Dodge a ball




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